Promoting DR Congo’s best gems: its artists.

MALABO Arts & Culture was created for one purpose: promote DR Congo’s best gems: its artists.

The country is awash with artists in the largest sense of the word: painting, photography, music, dance, sculpting, drawing, and many others. Whether in the hustle and bustle of the capital city Kinshasa, or in the green hills of North Kivu, or in the mineral-induced heat of Lubumbashi, the country’s artistic potential is largely untapped and needs to be shown to the world.

Ensuring that Congolese artists participate in international events

While our heart and soul is in Congo, we are keeping our eyes on other African artists, across this vast, multicultural continent. Over the years, we have succeeded in ensuring that Congolese artists participate in international events (Douala Art Fair; Salon de l’Art Africain [Paris, galerie Turenne 2016]). We are co-organizers of “Art of Hope”, an artistic event bringing together various artists, in collaboration with Music and Beyond and MNKF.

“Kongo Moko”

In 2017, we created “Kongo Moko”, a joint art show bringing together artists from Kinshasa and Brazzaville; a second edition was also held in 2019, and we are currently working on the 2022 edition.

In December 2020, we opened our first gallery in Kinshasa.

For more details about what we do/ if you interested in supporting and/or partnering with us for projects/ media queriers, we will love to hear from you.

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